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Raising Hope

Help us to create shelter for
homeless childrean on Africa.

Kindness & Humanity

Our Charity helps those people who have no hope
Make a change which can effect million.

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We Dream to Create
A Bright Future Of The
Underprivileged Children

VFBF, Inc. is registered as a non-profit tax-exempt and public charitable organization in the State of Maryland and recognized in the USA by Internal Revenue Services (IRS) under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization is in good standing and has been in operation since July 2016.

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Food distribution program is a major component of VFBF’s operations. As above, we are currently assisting 210 or 15 per cent of the target needy households. The average cost of food items per household is $25 per month.
The need for materials and supplies ranks high within the operational aspect of the ministry program’s annual cost. These include; blankets, towels, toilet papers, baby stuff, utensils, soap, Vaseline, detergent, etc.
The sick, the poor, disabled, and the elderly, etc. within the target populations are at risk. There is no welfare, health, Medicaid, or Medicare programs supported by the Kenyan government.