VFBF Company Profile

VFBF, Inc. is registered as a non-profit tax-exempt and public charitable organization in the State of Maryland and recognized in the USA by Internal Revenue Services (IRS) under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization is in good standing and has been in operation since July 2016.

VFBF operates within Prince George's County in the State of Maryland, USA and largely in Meru County in the Republic of Kenya in East Africa. VFBF, Inc. is managed by an 8-member Board of Directors. All foundation workers are volunteers.

" Bringing hope and smiles to the hopeless "

" When you have nothing... anything is something "

Our Mission
VFBF’s mission is to support individuals and their communities in Kenyan villages and the neighboring cities in Maryland, USA through distribution of nutritious food, fighting hunger by feeding the hungry, assistance to the elderly and the handicaps with repairs to their dilapidated homes; assist low-income families with medical bills and funeral costs; assist small business entrepreneurs to grow and create jobs; assist high school and college students from below-poverty family backgrounds to achieve quality education.

Our Vision
VFBF’s vision is that program participants and their communities will be impacted and empowered by the quality of products, services, and events to achieve their full potential and initiatives leading to positive change in their individual quality lives and respective communities including, self-esteem, respect, and dignity.

Overall Strategic Plan

Who We Target

We support widows, widowers, orphans, single parents, the elderly, veterans, the disabled, the poor, the lonely, the sick, the homeless, the jobless, the youth, high school and college students from low-income backgrounds, minority/women entrepreneurs; Kenyan migrants in the U.S., and the low-in-spirit.

What We Do

Our Recent Accomplishments

Distributed nutritious emergency food items, materials, and supplies to 210 households monthly;
Assisted 92 families with small medical bills; and provided sanitary supplies to over 430 teenage girls;
Assisted eleven handicapped persons with special needs including beddings and walkers;
Assisted thirteen families with hospital and burial costs;
Assisted seven elderly persons with repairs to homesteads and two veterans with special walking canes and portable toilet seats;
Aided thirteen students with tuition, lodging, and academic supplies;
Offered free health screening (taking blood pressure, advisement, referrals, and free off-the-counter pills to over 650 walk-ins randomly. Made ninety-six visits to case-managed clients in the village.
Recruited and trained 15 young minority and aspiring low-income entrepreneurs (ages 18 – 23) in business management, data processing and retention, accounting, information technology, and communications.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic impact, tens of families with pressing needs were by-passed owing to limited resources until such time when adequate support becomes available.

Founder’s Resume



Rachi is pursuing this worthy-while ministry in his retirement and is drawing on his experience acquired from a long and fruitful career. The VFBF Inc. is the brain-child of Rachi Ngaine and family. The Ngaines’ have resided in the State of Maryland, USA for 50 years. Rachi believes he was moved by the work of the Holy Spirit of God and stimulated by his walk-of-faith in Christ since childhood (age 12). Ideally, he was appetized by service as a former Deacon and a retired Ruling Elder (RE) in an Evangelical PCA Church in America within the State of Maryland USA for over 35 years. He is attuned by service as Chaplain, Secretary & Treasurer with Gideon International Ministry for over 20 years. Realizing the Almighty God has a purpose and a plan for every call that He makes, Rachi could not resist God’s divine calling---“Those God foreknew he also called, and predestined” (Rom.8:29-30). Thus, the notion of VFBF sounded noble and a vessel that God intends to use in reaching out to the poor the lonely, the lost, and destitute in remote villages and townships.

Academically, brother Rachi holds two advanced degrees – Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Science in Professional Accounting (MSPA) in Global Business Management and Professional Accountancy. In addition, Brother Rachi holds professional certifications as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA). Brother Rachi is still active in tax preparations, financial, and business management. Leadership in community affairs and is determined to continue his tireless service to God and the international populations by “bringing hope to the hopeless” through the vibrant global activities of VFBF as CEO and director. This work must be done while there is still light on earth and a great time for harvest. Matt. 9:13 says……. “For the night cometh when no man can work”. Most recently, Rachi has published his “memoir” titled: Been There, Done That (Recounts of a Lifetime Journey). Net proceeds from the sale of the book are earmarked for supporting VFBF’s programs and projects operations.